Saturday, May 14, 2011

CPU-Z: How's Your CPU?

CPU-Z is a free of charge program produced by CPUID that will provide you comprehensive info about important components on your computer. This software interface is equipped with Six tabs, out of which only the first two are CPU related. The rest of them display characteristics of the mainboard and memory. The software supports the major devices on the market, takes very little space on your hard disk and is very easy to use.

The first tab is called CPU and it will show you information on the processor of your computer. The CPU tab will give you the name of the CPU, brand ID, code name, package, technology, core speed, multiplier, bus speed, HT link and cache (L1 data, L1 code).

The Cache tab displays the L1 data cache (with size and descriptor), L1 Instruction Cache and L2 Cache.

The mainboard info will give you the details about the following: manufacturer, model, chipset, sensor, southbridge, BIOS (brand, version and date), graphic interface (version, transfer rate and side band  if it is enabled or not).

In Memory section, the user will find details about the type, size and channels. The timings give you the frequency, FSB, latency, delay, DRAM idle timer, cycle time, bank cycle time and command rate. 

SPD (serial presence detect) gives you the module size, maximum bandwidth, manufacturer.

The Graphics tab displays  the Display Device Selection, GPU, Clocks & Memory of your Graphics Card.

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