Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to customize quick access toolbar in MS Word 2007

This step by step tutorial shows you how to customize "Quick Access Toolbar". Follow this steps as shown below:   

1) You can see "Quick Access Toolbar" will be on top right hand side of your document as shown in Figure 1.   
figure 1

2) Click "Customize Quick Access Toolbar" button as shown in Figure  2
figure 2
 3) After clicking "Customize Quick Access Toolbar" a drop down list with list of programs appears as shown in Figure 3. You can see that the programs that are already in "Quick Access Toolbar" appear with a check mark next them.   
figure 3

 4) Now let us check the programs that are listed in drop down menu of "Customize Quick Access Toolbar", in this case I am going to check all the programs and you can see that all the programs now appear in "Quick Access Toolbar" as shown in figure 4.   
figure 4
 5) Apart from the listed programs in the drop down menu you can add more programs by clicking "More Commands." as shown in Figure 5.   
figure 5
 6) When you click "More Commands." from the drop down list, "Word Options" window appear as shown in Figure 6.   
figure 6
  7) Now let us customize list of the programs, let me select "Home Tab" from "Choose Commands from" drop down list as shown in Figure 7.   
figure 7
 8) When you select "Home Tab" from the "Choose Commands from" drop down list, all the commands that are in home menu will appear in the list as shown in Figure 8.   
figure 8
 9) Now let me select "Align Text Left" command from the list and click "Add" button as shown in Figure 9.   
figure 9
 10) I have added "Insert Hyperlink" command from "Insert Tab", "Page Color" from "Page Layout Tab", "Table of Contents" from "References Tab" and "Envelops" from "Mailings Tab" as shown in Figure 10.   
figure 10
 11) You can see that we were able to add new commands to "Quick Access Toolbar" as shown in Figure 11.   
figure 11

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