Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to convert older Office documents to Office 2007 format?

In Office 2007, you can open a spreadsheet or a document which is in an older edition of MS Office such as Office 2003, Office Xp etc. It will open as a compatibility mode in Office 2007. If you need to make use of various newer features available in Office 2007, you will have to convert older office documents to Office 2007 format. The method to convert older Office documents to Office 2007 format is the same for all applications. Here we are using the example of a Word document of previous version. If you open a Word or Excel document of an older version, you see [Compatibility Mode] as part of the title.

1. Open the Word document which you want to convert into Word 2007 format.
2. Click the Microsoft Office ButtonButton image  

3. Click Convert on the menu. Click on the OK button on the Microsoft Word Office dialog box which appears. 

4. By clicking on the OK button, the document will be automatically converted into the Word 2007 format. You will notice that now the window does not show [Compatibility Mode] as part of the title bar any longer.

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