Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to recover formatted USB flash drive?

USB flash drive is typically removable and rewritable, and physically small yet with huge storage capabilities. It has been one of the most popular storage media extensively used by people to store their data, personal or business, etc.

However, due to its flexibility in use, a removable USB flash drive is very liable to get infected, since you never know which computer you have connected is potentially attacked. If you found your USB flash drive invaded by viruses, though unwilling, to use anti-virus software and even to format your USB flash drive is inevitable.
If you have formatted your USB flash drive as aforementioned, and want to retrieve lost data from formatted USB flash drive, just read on.
First of all, download wGXe Data Recovery, and install it. Then connect your formatted USB flash drive to your computer, and run wGxe Data Recovery.

Click on the "Format Recovery" button on the interface to enter the "Format Recovery" panel. Choose the formatted USB flash drive you have connected to computer previously by clicking on it as shown below

Then click "Next" button, the software will automatically scan the formatted USB flash drive. When the scanning is finished, the scanning results will be displayed.(See below)

Tick files you want to recover, then click "Recovery" button. After clicking "Recovery" button, there will pop up a window. You are required to specify a destination folder for saving the recovered files. But please note that never recover lost data to the same drive that your lost data was originally located!

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